Now easily find any items you required on Rent Or wants to Borrow them. Just Signup & post your items Or look for the items here available on Rent/ Borrow. Borrow any Item with Thanks Or Take away on Rent.

About Sharing India

Sharing India ! India's first web portal which gives you an opportunities to share goods on Rent which you are having in your own house Or you may also borrow any items with just a Thanks and with the smile.

Sharing India is a safe community where you can save money and resources by sharing goods with your friends and neighbour.
Need a Hammer, Ladder, Drill Machine etc…. ? Borrow it from your neighbour with just a smile and with thanks or take it on Rent.

Save Money !!!
How much money do you spent on buying such stuff you only use once or twice? How much stuff do you have hidden away in closets or storage that isn't being used? Sharing India is a social inventory that helps us all get more value out of the goods we already own in our house.

Save Resource !!!
Did you know that Indians are spending billion in a year on self-storage? Sharing India helps us get more use out of that goods,
which means less waste and less production of unnecessary items.
Strengthen Your Community! Not only does Sharing India provide a way to save money and resources - it also connects neighbours in a
meaningful ways making for happier, healthier neighbourhoods.

Is Sharing India safe ?

Sharing India is a safe and friendly environment for sharing items. When you add an item to the Sharing India inventory,
you choose how to share it with the community. For example, you can allow your friends to borrow / rent the item for free and charge.
It's your stuff, so you set the rules by own.

How much does it cost you ?
Borrowing with just Thanks and lending items on Sharing India is free of charge.

Our mission !!!

Sharing India helps members/ Users to conserve resources and live more productive and connected lives.

Lets Start Sharing with Just a smile !!!!!


Sharing India (A Unit of Shobha Space Tech Pvt.Ltd.) is also deals in all kind of Printing solutions.

  • All kind of Eco Solvent Printings on Vinyl & Flex.
  • 3D Wallpaper Printing on Vinyl Or HD Media.
  • We Also Do Wallpaper Print as per Customer Own Design / Choice.
  • We Also Do Printing on Customer Own Media.
  • Canvas Printing.
  • Frost Vinyl / One-way Vision / Backlit/ Frontlet.
  • All Kind of Digital Printings (Bill Book, Cash Memo, Delivery Challan, Invoice Books etc.)

Apart from this we gives service to the customers for their stores/outlet on complete Print Advertisements.






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