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Sharing Guidelines

Goods Sharing Guidelines on Sharing India

All you really need to know about sharing on Sharing India you learned in kindergarten. Lending and borrowing stuff is nothing new. We've all spent our entire lives sharing with others and we all understand the basic rules. Sharing India  simply makes this familiar activity easier by providing a central inventory system. As a member of Sharing India ,we expect you to share goods according to these guidelines.

Golden Rules of Sharing India as follows :

1. Be Loyal.
Helping others has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase happiness. It is safe and feel good. Always be loyal whatever you are sharing or borrowing.

2. Treat other people's stuff the way you'd like your stuff to be treated.
You know what to do. If you get something dirty, clean it. If you break something, replace it. Keep stuffs with care & return to the belongings on time.

3. Show up on time.
People are busy. Be clear and detailed with your plans to meet up to exchange items. Show up at the agreed meeting time. Be sure to share phone numbers just in case you're running late.

Tips For Borrowers :

    When requesting an item, tell the owner how you plan to use it. It makes it more fun for the owner.
    Be clear about when you want to use the item. The more specific your request, the easier it will be for the owner to respond.
    Be on time! If you can't be on time for your arranged meeting, be sure to call or text ahead.
    Return the item in better condition than you received it. 
    Remember to leave feedback for the lender and the item. This benefits the rest of the community.

Tips For Renting :

    Be clear and detailed with your meeting arrangements and be sure to provide your phone number. 
    If your item requires cables, accessories or instructions, be sure to include them or at least make a note of it.
    State your expectations for the maintenance of your item up front. If your item needs to be cleaned or serviced before return, be clear about that before lending it.
    Be on time! If you can't be on time for your arranged meeting, be sure to call or text ahead.
    Remember to log back in to mark the transaction complete and provide feedback. Your reviews benefit the entire community.

Thanks for reading guidelines !!!

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